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Communications as a Platform (CaaP) start-up with a vision to leverage superhuman intelligence to drive beautiful human connection with a suite of superior translation solutions enabling global connection for people
and commerce.

SEIS/EIS Eligible Investment Opportunity ​

Our Mission

To empower individuals, businesses, and communities to communicate and connect with  people from all cultures. We provide frictionless access to the most advanced holistic translation capabilities available.​

Our Vision

We aspire to build a more connected and less divisive world. By leveraging superhuman intelligence, we plan to irradicate linguistic barriers and enable beautifully human cross-cultural connections.​

Key Investment Highlights

emotii empowers everyone in the world to communicate fully and authentically, capturing every nuance of their message—not just the literal translation. Our platform provides encrypted, nearly free communication on any device from anywhere, ensuring that language is never a barrier to connection.

Unique market proposition 

A groundbreaking advancement in communication technology that facilitates seamless translation of audio, text, and video in both peer-to-peer and one-to-many contexts. This innovation captures the subtleties of nuance, technical intricacies, cultural references, and idiomatic expressions.

Global market opportunity 

The emotii solution dismantles systemic language barriers that hinder interlingual communication. The global Communication Platform as a Service Market is estimated to be valued at  10.9 USD Billion and growing at a CARG of 28% to reach USD 121 Billion by 2032.​

Scalable business model

emotii uses open architecture to seamlessly integrate, via API, with the leading productivity and communication tools, can be deployed on any website as a truly multilingual chatbot or downloaded as an app​.

Innovative, proven solution

emotii leverages Large Language Models from Meta, Open AI, and Google but is LLM agnostic – picking the best LLM for the use case. emotii learns from every interaction and will therefore always remain ahead of AI using proprietary (patent pending) technology.​

S/EIS tax reliefs available

Advanced assurance received. Investors can access the generous tax reliefs available under the S/EIS, depending on individual tax circumstances.​


POC MVP launched in Apple stores and Google play with over 50,000 active users – translation score of 4.7. Many positive reviews and significant press interest. ​

emotii is positioned to target the Global Communication as a Platform market.

Our proprietary platform selects the best LLM for the language pairing,  we work where users work through integrations with Microsoft Teams, and other business tools, and we are laser focused on solving problems created by language barriers in all available media.  

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AI Translation


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